Industry: Higher Education

Application: National Events program for Dallas Texas (Pitt) alumni

Product: mslDirect highly personalized direct mail marketing campaign utilizing PURL technology and E-marketing.

The Challenge: Getting past alumni who have relocated to Texas and to show up for the event in Dallas

The Solution: mslDirect was able to pull from a “Best Practice” case study from RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology’s) utilizing a campaign created from their software for the iGen2 continuous digital printer that Xerox was marketing. A heavy dose of personalization of relevant content and graphics was used depicting cars from the decade in which the alumni was in college, a personalized license plate with the alumni’s first name, a bumper sticker with the alumni’s area of study and an affinity sticker on the rear window from the organization they participated in (i.e., baseball football, a sorority, swimming the band etc.)

The Benefits: While the data that the university had minimal E-mail addresses and physical addresses for was very low we were still able to register over 20 alumni for the “Events program” from a total of 38 visits for their national events coordinator to work with.

The Results

Results and ROI
Initial Email Quantity 273
Total Number of Responses 13
Email Response Rate 4.76%
Total Number of Campaign Visits 38
Number Pre-Registered for Homecoming 11 (+9 guests)
Number of Successful Emails Sent 164
Percent of Emails Returned 40%
Number of Bad Email Address Removed from System 109