Industry: B2B

Application: Event Platform, Increase Registration and Organization

Product: Multi-Channel marketing with the use of PURLs, Email Marketing, QR Codes via Advertising Specialty Items

The Challenge: We needed to create an on-line registration tool that would eliminate multiple registrations for their customers/guest for the various event presentations and demonstrations they were offering.

The Solution: msldirect On line Event Registration campaign. Each customer entered their information one time and they were able to sign up for multiple meetings. We tied all of their independent marketing silos through one single campaign dashboard and increased their response rate for email to 11.67% and for Smart Mail to 3.12%.

The Benefits: One registration allowed the registrar to sign up for multiple events, thus reducing their time and efforts. In addition if one or more of the presentations were full, we would remove that session from the options in real time. Plus the client knew exactly who was coming, at what time and their specific area of interest. We utilized 6 touch points for both direct mail and email, this created further marketing data for their next event!

The Results

Results and ROI
Email Quantity 669
Total Number of Email Respondents 78
Email Response Rate 11.67%
Total Number of Campaign Touches 6
Total Number of Visits 237
Direct Mail Response Rate 3.12%
Registered for Sales Presentations 29
Total Registered for the Event 150