Industry: B2B; Event Registration

Application: To get doctors and their patient’s to register for the upcoming Event

Product: mslDirect’s “scratch off” pre-direct mail PURL campaign along with pre and post E-marketing for “Event Registration” program.

The Challenge: Getting enough Doctors to sign up and register

The Solution: Utilizing relevant offers, a scratch off for discounts as long as they showed up to the booth, along with our highly successful “On-line” event registration tool using multi-channel marketing

The Benefits: mslDirect’s system was able to track and analyze 153 visits, 38 responses creating a 24% response rate based on visitors.

The Results

Results and ROI
Total Number of Visits 153
Total Number of Responses 38
Number of Touches 1
Number of Versioned Thank You Pages 5
Response Rate Based on Visitors 24%