Industry: IT Management and Software
Location: Chicago

Area of Savings:
By not sending the employees they saved on airfare, food, hotel and conference registration for 4. They also saved the booth registration and transportation, plus they saved all of the pre-conference materials, such as promotional items, flyers, etc. for the event. The conference was 5 days so the cost add up quickly.

Digital Budget:

Over 350 clicks to the client’s site and had 50 people sign up for the offer

Digital Solutions:
• Search Engine Marketing – Target specific keywords in Google search for people looking for details about the conference, hotel, speakers, etc. Target entire United States or specific regions.

Examples: Conference Agenda, Conference Schedule, Conference Hotel, Conference Speaker, Conference Registration, etc (more keywords can be developed once we know more details about event) Then, target 1-mile radius (or hotel area) during conference for keywords related to product or service plus conference details and local information like best places to eat, events, nightlife, golfing, etc.

• Display Advertising
Mobile Geo-Fencing:
Target consumers that within 1-mile radius around the conference on specific days and times

Facebook Ads: Target consumers within 1-mile radius around conference, similar to Geo Fencing, served on social media platforms

Pre-Roll Video: Target users within a 1-mile radius of conference with video on YouTube and through online websites like Fox News, CNN, etc. Video will show prior to the video selected by the consumer. Client is charged when consumer watches 30 seconds or more of the video.