Industry: Higher Education; Admissions

Application: Increase Enrollment for Winter Session

Product: Multi-Channel marketing with the use of PURL, GURL via Direct Mail, Email, Text Messaging and through on campus flyers in the dorms and campus posters.

The Challenge: Trying to obtain students who were home on holiday break from other institutions, while meeting their target goal.

The Solution: mslDirect Multi-Channel Marketing platform, utizling all of our services, Direct mail, Email, Texting, On campus posters and dorm flyers utilizing our, GURL (guest campaign) Social Media including YouTube and our “Refer a Friend” campaign. For the time ever Alvernia was over 100% of their goal for Enrollment. We generated over 119 referrals, and were able to get their CPL (Cost per lead ) down to $27.77/CPL, the industry standard is over $100/CPA.

The Benefits: Single Source supplier, increased funding for the upcoming “Summer Session”, application of “Best Practice” from mslDirect enabled the Enrollment department to have a back log for the next sessions sign ups.

The Results

Results and ROI
Mail Quantity 6026
Email Quantity 3183
SMS Text Quantity 3717
Total Number of Campaign Touches 6
Visit Rate 9.0% or 541
Response Rate 2.04 or 123
Referrals Generated 119
Cost per Lead $27.77 / CPL