Industry: Higher Education; Interest Survey for YOUNG/GOLD alumni

Application: Interest survey for their new year “Under the Sun” program theme

Product: Direct mail utilizing a PURL to engage alumni further on line

The Challenge: Testing to see how well YOUNG Alumni or GOLD’s (Graduates of the last decade) respond to direct mail

The Solution: mslDirect multi-channel marketing program

The Benefits: We found out that 73.02% of their YOUNG alumni preferred E-mail instead of Direct mail marketing and 23% redirect from the link at the end of the campaign to the “Donate Now” page.

  • What we learned is you need to mail more than 1 time, you should always try and capture a valid email address prior to graduation and the offer needs to be much stronger than a “Register to Win” Amazon Kindle.

The Results

Results and ROI
Direct Mail Quantity 7102
Total Number of Responses 63
Direct Mail Response Rate 0.088%
Total Number of Campaign Touches 1
Percent Wanting Email instead Direct Mail 73.02%
Total Number of Campaign Visits 80
New Email Addresses Obtained 63
Redirected to Donation Page 15 (23%)