Industry: Non-Profit membership

Application: Tying to convert potential membership followers through a Guest URL to capture personalized data such as name, address, email address and cell

Product: mslDirect’s award winning GURL campaign

The Challenge: Some of these followers goggled “local membership” not necessarily specific to the coatings industry which is the space that SSPC resides and to capture those interested in coatings to the SSPC membership link

The Solution: mslDirect’s IT staff created a link (Guest URL) to place out on SSPC website and social media to capture those followers to actual members

The Benefits: While the numbers were not a large universe the success of the baseline campaign can be viewed in its entirety below, the two sets of numbers we are most excited about is that 49 people visited the campaign and 85% of those folks clicked on for additional membership information.

The Results

Results and ROI
Total Campaign Visits 49
Total Campaign Responses 20
Clicked Through to Membership Information 17 (85%)
Clicked Through to Web Site 5 (25%)
Clicked Through to Social Media 9 (45%)